Mar 18, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A little belated but so funny!

Another Irish Drinking Songs-Minions Despicable Me 2

Mar 3, 2014

Music Monday

Oh my goodness, it's been awhile. I thank you for sticking with me through the silence. The projects I've been on lately have been so all-consuming. My family and friends would agree I think. But this next one (maybe) will give me slightly more time. And I might change some of the format to make it more conducive to posting. We'll see. But for now...wonderful song and super fun retro feel from a fantastic sister group. Can't get enough!

If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

Jan 27, 2014

Music Monday

First day of filming a new project so just a quick post. And we are going with a classic this week.

Killer Queen by Queen

Jan 23, 2014


Want to know what trends to get ahead of? Came across this the other day and it is a great place for inspiration. But of course, make it your own! Don't follow it blankly because it's a trend. It's a great starting point though!

Fashionista: Top Pre-fall Trends

Jan 20, 2014

Music Monday

Sometimes I get on a kick of listening to once particular artist all the time in the week. This is one of those times.

Music To Make Boys Cry by Diana Vickers

Jan 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello, dear readers! Happy New Year! It's a been a bit, I know. But I've got some fun things planned for the blog this year (like actually regularly updating it haha) But really, I do. I know loads of people like to make resolutions for the new year. Every year I don't really want to but I do anyways. (Peer pressure?) But this year, nope! No resolutions, just embracing the wonderful and hopeful feeling 2014 is inspiring.  This is why the song for this week is so appropriate. (Also how can one not dance to this? Love!)
"'Cause we got the fire, fire, fire...Gonna let it burn, burn, burn" Enjoy!

Burn by Ellie Goulding

Dec 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday Adventure





Dress as a skirt-Asos
Bracelet-Forever 21
Hair-Fishtail braid with ribbon headband

It's a throwback Thursday! That's a thing, right? Throwback to this last summer to be exact. It's an outfit that I never ended up putting on the blog. And yes, I did fully indulge in watermelon for this, including nails. Most of us in the United States are experiencing cold so there is little use for watermelons. Still fun though!