Jan 28, 2011

More Spring Couture? Yes Please!

I think I must be getting in a spring mood (the wonderful weather may have some contributing factors) because I can't seem to get enough of these couture lines.  Thanks to Style.com I didn't have to spend that long getting sidetracked.
So first for Alexis Mabille:

 These stunned me in their way of being minimalist and at the same time an ethereal quality. Those characteristics rarely go together and these seem to effortlessly. You could wear these and feel graceful automatically.
Now, Elie Saab: ah Spring...

Flowers and draping and colors and swaying fabric!!! Gorgeous! I can't seem to pick a favorite at all.  Flowers, soft colors, even coral (the top of the black and white dress), short and flirty, every dress makes a statement without seeming to try too hard.  That's partly the way, I think, my fashion is sometimes.  I want to see the last dress without the veil though, or at least not such a heavy one. 

So it all equals more inspiration. Which will probably mean new dresses for me eventually, yay! It will mean more sewing I think too because I can't get enough of that strategic draping of fabric and now feel inspired to experiment too, yay!

Jan 27, 2011

Movie Adventures

While curling my hair for work, there's loads of it so it takes a while, I like to get things done. Email, reading blogs, or like this morning watching a movie. I usually have to squeeze movies in parts so it sometimes takes days to finish.  Today I finished Ball of Fire and I had to share really quickly before work.

Done in 1941 with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, it's the story of a group of regimented professors putting together an encyclopedia and get sidetracked by a singer.  The group of professors have many familiar faces and are very funny.  Cooper and Stanwyck are wonderful together of course.  Overall, cute, entertaining, and funny.
The fashion of movie was of course fun to see.  Barbara's dresses tended to be simple but with great embellishments and accessories.  True to her character she always looked fun and stylish but not complicated. I couldn't find many pictures from the film but my favorite dress was probably the one with the gold motif.  And I'm not even one for that many sparkles.

Jan 26, 2011

Party Adventures

To continue the birthday weekend posts of 2 weekends ago...

Dress: LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Belt: H&M (from a skirt)
Shoes: Steve Madden

All right so these pictures were taken quickly after the party so that's why I'm trying not to laugh hysterically at 4 in the morning.  I also think I need to take more close-up pictures in the future to show the details.  

I LOVE this dress.  I initially was attracted to it because of the sheer top.  After seeing the character of Ginny Weasley, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, wear a dress with a sheer top I absolutely had to have one! The bow pattern and the fun frilly bottom were the icing on the cake.  I'm not generally a big pattern girl and even after buying it, still wasn't sure about it.  But after I put it on...ah, love! Perfect for the wine and cheese party I was at all night.  

Jan 25, 2011

Inspiring Couture

Fashion Week in Paris means couture shows. What does couture mean? Custom made, in an atelier (workroom), by highly skilled designers and such, from a house that shows twice a year. Easy right?  To top that off couture generally receives distinction from the French government.  
While I don't always have time to look into every show I make sure to catch Christian Dior.  This Spring 2011 collection doesn't disappoint.  
 Yes, I would wear this whole outfit.  I'd love to wear the gloves too but that might be overkill...
 Want this skirt maybe not in red...
 I'd also wear this if I could.

I love that yards and yards of fabric when draped the right way can be flattering, feminine, and sexy.  It can create a sense of power albeit a softer kind of unassuming one. And yes, yards of fluffy tulle can be amazing.  So thanks John Galliano for designing such fun pieces that remind me to have fun with my style and to try new things or revamp old ones.

Jan 23, 2011

Music Adventures

I have fashion posts coming, promise.  But getting all set for an early call time for work puts those on hold.  So instead music!! 

This is ridiculously good.  Michael Jackson plus one of the best instruments ever, ahem, cello. Not to mention black ones! Fashionable cellos because they're black? Might be pushing it... I'll admit I'm a bit biased with the cello due to playing the cello for a couple of years when I was younger.  Anyways, what a great way to start the week!

Jan 21, 2011

Birthday Adventures...

Last weekend was the weekend two of birthday celebration for me.  Since my birthday is so early in January celebrations tend to last much longer in order to get to have fun with more friends.  I'm not complaining! Loads of fun! On to the first night...

With best friend Cosima
Dress: H&M
Whistle Necklace: Modcloth
Ring: Modcloth
Tights: Kohl's
Boots: Target

I would post what best friend is wearing only I forgot to ask her.  I was feeling very mod 60's that night, in a subdued version. I even with went with volume hair and liquid eyeliner. Not my favorite tights though, I'm constantly having to adjust through the night. However, I'm in love with the whistle necklace and wear it whenever I can.

Our first stop of the night for dinner and drinks was Musso & Frank's Grill. It's been open since 1919 and one of the most historied restaurants in Hollywood. The food was amazing and the decor brilliant.  I highly recommend the sidecar (yellow drink) and the Picon Punch (which was a favorite of Bing Crosby apparently!) Not to mention how fantastic they looked. Highly recommend it!

From there we stopped in a random bar we happened to park outside of, Boardner's. Keeping to our history theme Boardner's has been open since 1942. We decided on bubbly drinks for celebration.  The bar even had a fireplace! Amazing!!

Jan 16, 2011

Post Christmas Adventures

Last week my sister and I started our new year off right by going to Disneyland!  We caught the last of the Christmas decorations and it wasn't crowded.  Wonderful!!  My brother wanted some pictures from California Hotel which is done in the Craftsman style of architecture and decor.

 even the ornaments on the tree are perfect.
 Lamps in the bathroom, yes even the bathrooms are brilliant!

 the natural feel of huge wood beams

I absolutely love craftsman style.  It always has a handcrafted feel that is simple yet so elegant.  Often times there are genius details from the way two pieces of wood are joined to an overall design and flow of a huge living room.  The Craftsman movement, when first really becoming popular, was a reaction to the opulence and common architecture of the Victorian time period. Craftsman became the opposite, using clean lines and natural materials.  It's often paired with Art Deco type touches (such as the design of the elevator of the hotel).  Anytime you have an opportunity to visit the hotel or any place done in that style do! It is so choice!!

Jan 8, 2011

New Film Adventures:

During my vacation, while I should be using the time to get things done, of course I've been lazy and have not done most of it.  Why you ask? Oh loads of reasons but one of the biggest being Hulu.  I've discovered a fun movie called Curtain Call.

The movie itself is not brilliant, but it is comical.  The absolute best parts are Maggie Smith and Michael Caine.  The basic premise is the Smith and Caine are bickering married ghosts inhabiting a house that James Spader's character has just brought.  Smith and Caine are brilliant together!

They also have the best wardrobe!  Old 20's style dresses and smoking jackets.  Maggie Smith is particularly lucky with her wardrobe: glorious long dresses and big feathered sleeves.  I couldn't find more pictures to share unfortunately.

New Years Adventures:

Blazer: H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: Target
Ring: Modcloth
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Modcloth
Boots: Target

These are the quick shots we took in between celebrating (thanks Kristen!).  I loved my outfit, though I do realize I need more clothes with color.  One might think I'm from New York with all my black.  That's what the blue tights and scarf are for: splashes of color!

No resolutions for me per se.  Maybe goals...since I make those all the time.  Lately I've been feeling this year holds loads of good changes for me which hopefully include my career change and moving!  Working hard on those...I'm determined!

Feeling Inspired

Life has been so crazy busy but with the holidays and hiatus from work I have had a couple of seconds to breathe.  In those seconds I found some time to watch Holiday with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.  Not only had I forgotten how much I love that movie but I found myself inspired!  The style of that movie! Not to mention the great Hepburn and Grant! I usually find myself inspired by both of them.  So some pictures...
From Holiday-This dress is gorgeous.  The back has this little slit opening.  Sexy and tasteful, never gaudy.

From The Philadelphia Story-the dresses and suits in this film have great little details, the ties, the trim...not to mention the brilliance of this film.

From Bringing Up Baby- Everything about this film is fantastic and hilarious!  But I love the first dress with the ruffle top and would wear it now if I could.

 From Stage Door-haven't seen this one yet but these girls cover a slew of the styles of the time.

This dress is stunning and I'm seriously thinking of finding a way to make it.  Where would I wear it? I don't know but I'm sure a situation will present itself...

Also want this one

That all sums up to the fact that I'm feeling inspired to dress classy and sew some new dresses!  When will I have time for that sewing, who knows?