Jan 21, 2011

Birthday Adventures...

Last weekend was the weekend two of birthday celebration for me.  Since my birthday is so early in January celebrations tend to last much longer in order to get to have fun with more friends.  I'm not complaining! Loads of fun! On to the first night...

With best friend Cosima
Dress: H&M
Whistle Necklace: Modcloth
Ring: Modcloth
Tights: Kohl's
Boots: Target

I would post what best friend is wearing only I forgot to ask her.  I was feeling very mod 60's that night, in a subdued version. I even with went with volume hair and liquid eyeliner. Not my favorite tights though, I'm constantly having to adjust through the night. However, I'm in love with the whistle necklace and wear it whenever I can.

Our first stop of the night for dinner and drinks was Musso & Frank's Grill. It's been open since 1919 and one of the most historied restaurants in Hollywood. The food was amazing and the decor brilliant.  I highly recommend the sidecar (yellow drink) and the Picon Punch (which was a favorite of Bing Crosby apparently!) Not to mention how fantastic they looked. Highly recommend it!

From there we stopped in a random bar we happened to park outside of, Boardner's. Keeping to our history theme Boardner's has been open since 1942. We decided on bubbly drinks for celebration.  The bar even had a fireplace! Amazing!!

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