Jan 25, 2011

Inspiring Couture

Fashion Week in Paris means couture shows. What does couture mean? Custom made, in an atelier (workroom), by highly skilled designers and such, from a house that shows twice a year. Easy right?  To top that off couture generally receives distinction from the French government.  
While I don't always have time to look into every show I make sure to catch Christian Dior.  This Spring 2011 collection doesn't disappoint.  
 Yes, I would wear this whole outfit.  I'd love to wear the gloves too but that might be overkill...
 Want this skirt maybe not in red...
 I'd also wear this if I could.

I love that yards and yards of fabric when draped the right way can be flattering, feminine, and sexy.  It can create a sense of power albeit a softer kind of unassuming one. And yes, yards of fluffy tulle can be amazing.  So thanks John Galliano for designing such fun pieces that remind me to have fun with my style and to try new things or revamp old ones.

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