Jan 28, 2011

More Spring Couture? Yes Please!

I think I must be getting in a spring mood (the wonderful weather may have some contributing factors) because I can't seem to get enough of these couture lines.  Thanks to Style.com I didn't have to spend that long getting sidetracked.
So first for Alexis Mabille:

 These stunned me in their way of being minimalist and at the same time an ethereal quality. Those characteristics rarely go together and these seem to effortlessly. You could wear these and feel graceful automatically.
Now, Elie Saab: ah Spring...

Flowers and draping and colors and swaying fabric!!! Gorgeous! I can't seem to pick a favorite at all.  Flowers, soft colors, even coral (the top of the black and white dress), short and flirty, every dress makes a statement without seeming to try too hard.  That's partly the way, I think, my fashion is sometimes.  I want to see the last dress without the veil though, or at least not such a heavy one. 

So it all equals more inspiration. Which will probably mean new dresses for me eventually, yay! It will mean more sewing I think too because I can't get enough of that strategic draping of fabric and now feel inspired to experiment too, yay!

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