Jan 27, 2011

Movie Adventures

While curling my hair for work, there's loads of it so it takes a while, I like to get things done. Email, reading blogs, or like this morning watching a movie. I usually have to squeeze movies in parts so it sometimes takes days to finish.  Today I finished Ball of Fire and I had to share really quickly before work.

Done in 1941 with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, it's the story of a group of regimented professors putting together an encyclopedia and get sidetracked by a singer.  The group of professors have many familiar faces and are very funny.  Cooper and Stanwyck are wonderful together of course.  Overall, cute, entertaining, and funny.
The fashion of movie was of course fun to see.  Barbara's dresses tended to be simple but with great embellishments and accessories.  True to her character she always looked fun and stylish but not complicated. I couldn't find many pictures from the film but my favorite dress was probably the one with the gold motif.  And I'm not even one for that many sparkles.

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