Jan 8, 2011

New Film Adventures:

During my vacation, while I should be using the time to get things done, of course I've been lazy and have not done most of it.  Why you ask? Oh loads of reasons but one of the biggest being Hulu.  I've discovered a fun movie called Curtain Call.

The movie itself is not brilliant, but it is comical.  The absolute best parts are Maggie Smith and Michael Caine.  The basic premise is the Smith and Caine are bickering married ghosts inhabiting a house that James Spader's character has just brought.  Smith and Caine are brilliant together!

They also have the best wardrobe!  Old 20's style dresses and smoking jackets.  Maggie Smith is particularly lucky with her wardrobe: glorious long dresses and big feathered sleeves.  I couldn't find more pictures to share unfortunately.

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