Jan 16, 2011

Post Christmas Adventures

Last week my sister and I started our new year off right by going to Disneyland!  We caught the last of the Christmas decorations and it wasn't crowded.  Wonderful!!  My brother wanted some pictures from California Hotel which is done in the Craftsman style of architecture and decor.

 even the ornaments on the tree are perfect.
 Lamps in the bathroom, yes even the bathrooms are brilliant!

 the natural feel of huge wood beams

I absolutely love craftsman style.  It always has a handcrafted feel that is simple yet so elegant.  Often times there are genius details from the way two pieces of wood are joined to an overall design and flow of a huge living room.  The Craftsman movement, when first really becoming popular, was a reaction to the opulence and common architecture of the Victorian time period. Craftsman became the opposite, using clean lines and natural materials.  It's often paired with Art Deco type touches (such as the design of the elevator of the hotel).  Anytime you have an opportunity to visit the hotel or any place done in that style do! It is so choice!!

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