Feb 22, 2011

NYFW Continued Some More

More more more. Last of it though. And perhaps some of my favorites!
...Isaac Mizrahi-simply cut dresses with fun twists of fabric and bright colors

...Naeem Khan-such ornate dresses! Talk about statement pieces!

Gorgeous blue!

...Oscar de la Renta
I don't know why but I think this would be fun to wear. Maybe as separates. Might be a bit much together for me. 
...Ralph Lauren-love love love!
Simple and gorgeous

Striking lines and silhouette

Would I like this dress? Yes it's green!! 
All the shows and their pictures are on nymag.com. And to sum up the Fall '11 Top Trends

Feb 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

My mom, knowing my love for fashion, showed me some fun 60's mod fashion from a show called That Girl that ran from 1966-1971. Marlo Thomas played Ann, an aspiring actress, who has to take temp jobs to be able to afford her fun mod wardrobe and great apartment. Of course I now want to watch this show that seems funny and it would appear portrayed the very fashionable style of the time. And now the evidence:
 Cardinali Velvet dress with lace undershorts-too cute! lace undershorts? that eliminates the troubles that can accompany short dresses
 Oscar de la Renta white lace dress-want want want...

 Matching shoes!
 Galanos dress-timeless and flattering
 Courrges Vinyl Hot Pants-yes even the flowers are vinyl but I'd wear it haha
Simply boots and belt
These boots are so fun and classic. I'm not a fan of the heel shape though...

The hair, the outfits, the makeup...
Yay Mod!!

Feb 15, 2011

NYFW Continued

Well I found more to like
Carolina Herrera
 Ok yes I'll admit I do like sleeves that remind me of renaissance...
 Want this coat!!
 Movement of the dress in the fabric and colors...
 Also want this dress...
 and now for my favorite so far: Monique Lhuillier
 This whole outfit would become staples in my closet if I could get them...
 Blouse: sexy but covered with a breezy feel, score!
 I'd wear it...

 Such a perfect rich red...
 No need for extra jewelry...

 Think the skirt would be nice and warm?
Well I found my favorite line so far! Great statement pieces and beautiful dresses. Not to mention the fantastic shoes!

Feb 14, 2011


I have some fun pictures from last year but they will have to wait a bit. Why? Because of NYFW. Yes, New York Fashion Week is here. I've been perusing the photos courtesy of nymag.com. Maybe I'm just not in a fall mood but I'm a bit bored with most of it so far. There are still more shows to come of course. That's not to say I didn't find some fun stuff though...

Charlotte Ronson:
want this dress...

 the skirt would work year round...
and now Prabal Gurung

 kind of like wearing a petticoat

 fun dress in a flattering pink, of course I love it...
and now
Rebecca Minkoff
 80's off the shoulder kind of begging me to lounge in it...

 The entire outfit I would wear over and over...

yay feminine coats!

I know most fashionistas always pay attention to the trends for the next season trends and I do most of the time but I think maybe with the trends leaning towards some 90's styles, I'm less inclined to follow it. It's just not for me. But there's every chance that I say that now and will find myself wearing more than I thought. haha and that's why I don't define my style because it's always changing!