Feb 11, 2011

Disneyland Adventure

Sweater: Gift (Banana Republic)
Scarf: Cost Plus World Market
Jeans & Waffle Shirt: American Eagle
Boots: Target
Flower Headband: My own

Yay Disneyland! I can never get tired of going there. This was my stay warm outfit. The sweater was a Christmas gift, my parents have such great taste. Not only is this sweater cute but surprisingly warm and it is soooo soft! It does shed everywhere though. This too has its benefit as I simply have to touch the arm of my sweater to someone else's and they have some too! Fun! My sister especially loves this. She can't get enough. I did spend about 2 hours during the day being so hot in the sweater but it was so short compared to time that the temperature dropped. So overall good day!

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