Feb 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

My mom, knowing my love for fashion, showed me some fun 60's mod fashion from a show called That Girl that ran from 1966-1971. Marlo Thomas played Ann, an aspiring actress, who has to take temp jobs to be able to afford her fun mod wardrobe and great apartment. Of course I now want to watch this show that seems funny and it would appear portrayed the very fashionable style of the time. And now the evidence:
 Cardinali Velvet dress with lace undershorts-too cute! lace undershorts? that eliminates the troubles that can accompany short dresses
 Oscar de la Renta white lace dress-want want want...

 Matching shoes!
 Galanos dress-timeless and flattering
 Courrges Vinyl Hot Pants-yes even the flowers are vinyl but I'd wear it haha
Simply boots and belt
These boots are so fun and classic. I'm not a fan of the heel shape though...

The hair, the outfits, the makeup...
Yay Mod!!

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