Mar 18, 2011

Busy Adventures

Well, I'm a terrible blogger. My past 2 weeks have been filled with hopping between sets leaving barely any time for anything, like breathing let alone sleep. I did manage to squeeze in half a day at Disneyland. So needed and re-energizing! A little bit ago I saw Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. So rich and horses!

Yes, I love horses. And yes the costuming (the colors and the materials) simple yet so rich! The simple lines lend themselves to the full appreciation of the rich and textured fabrics. The deep colors are so striking! The film was good too. I was discussing the other day with my wonderful co-wardrobe-worker about choosing a time period to go back and live in. We both agreed we couldn't choose just one. This time period is definitely on my list; mid-way, if not lower on said list. I do need to clarify that if I went back in time to live I'd have to make sure it was in some wealthier situation. Why go back if I couldn't afford to live the way...ahem dress the way I want. hahaha I crack myself up!


  1. Kevin Durand (little john) in this movie. Love him. So beautiful. oh, and costumes, he wears them.

  2. Hahaha Jess, yes he was good as well as wearing what I normally think of as a merry men costume only very manly. ;) Confession: I had to look him up because I have an awful memory!