Mar 23, 2011

To Maxi Skirt or Not to Maxi Skirt?

That is the question! Let us pause in our question to note that its a double blog post day! First ever in my blog history. And now back to the big question: How do we feel about maxi skirts?

Maxi skirts, especially some floral ones remind me so strongly of the 90's. As mentioned before, for me, 90's fashion is eh. There are some, however, that are fresh and look so appealingly comfortable.  Like this one: 
This picture makes me excited for spring and summer. I already own 2 maxi skirts but neither are a 90's floral. So I guess maxi skirts for me, personally, will be ok. 

Maxi dresses are always a yes for me, I have yet to find a good casual one though. How bout you guys?

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