May 25, 2011

Cannes Fun

 I like this, just your normal flattering dress and then oh flowers!
 This is just fun. Long but not heavy so you feel like you can swirl around in it.
 Like the cut of this dress.
 While I normally think what Tilda Swinton wears is outrageously interesting, this is beautiful and stunning!
 Firstly, one needs to be in good shape as this dress hides nothing. Secondly, I feel like she was just poured out of an expensive champagne bottle. But when is that ever a bad thing?
I'd like to wear this, I don't know where, but how can I pass up this different-from-all-angles dress? It might be my love of stripes too. Some might say it looks a candy cane. My response? And that's bad because why?

Fascinated by this dress! While a bit cumbersome to move around in, it is a stunner! So detailed but the sheer fabric contrasts it so you find yourself staring. Can't help it.

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