May 4, 2011

Let's Talk Met Ball

So many dresses and trends. Nude dresses: big trend. There were others but the nude one when done properly can be so flattering! What are my requirements for looks I like? Well there are a couple but the main one is would I love to wear it? Yes to these. (pictures from People)
 Beautiful silhouette and could wear this in real life, bonus! Designer: Miu Miu
 Alright yes I can't help it I love Greece and Roman looks. Might as well throw Egyptian in there too. Designer: Chanel Haute Couture
 Love! Simple but striking and for some reason reminds me of mod fashion. Designer: Michael Kors
 While I don't generally do huge flower prints this one has a softer feel. Designer: Lanvin
 Perhaps its because I have recently watched Mildred Pierce but this dress has a 30's/40's glamour to it.
 Might be my favorite! I don't know that I could pull it off but stunning! There's nothing I could say that isn't so obviously visibly beautiful in this. Designer: Jason Wu
 Might be the mermaid style of this dress but I like! Designer: Donna Karan
 Ok, yes, most people probably look at it and say What?!? But I like it. She looks good in it. Or maybe I will never let go of my Anne of Green Gables influenced love of puff sleeves.
Designer: Christian Dior
 All pink dress that doesn't feel overly girly. Love!
 While the yellow isn't my cup of tea how can a tasteful feather dress not be fun?!? I would feel like I was floating all night! Designer: Givency Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci
 Classic red dress. Can't go wrong. Designer: Escada
Morticia Adams? Yes. Vampy? Yes. And yet if someone asked me to wear this to an event I would jump at the chance! How can you not? I probably would specify to that someone who asked me that I have to have the best Spanx to go with it. Maybe that's the adult fashion girl version of the classic book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." If you a give a girl a beautiful skin tight dress she'll ask for Spanx to go with it. hahaha I digress!

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