May 24, 2011

Weekend Antique Adventures

Shirt: H&M
Hat, Belt, & Sunglasses: H&M
Skirt: gift
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Just a casual outfit of relaxed comfort. Spent the day antique shopping with no real intention of buying anything. It was more for inspiration and ideas. And as always I found such interesting things...

 A hair and nail dryer! All within a cute case. I would imagine it to be quite loud.
 Beautiful old hand carved cabinet.
 While I know wheelchairs are not fascinating to everyone, I'm always amazed at the old the wood ones! Maybe it's such a novelty since most anything you see now is metal and can do many computerized things to help out, back then it was simple with embellishments of hides or furs.
Mmmm at this point I wanted a malt or a shake. That may or may not have been aided by the fact that I was hungry. Even though I did not buy anything I did find some vintage sewing patterns!! I was so tempted to buy them then and there but one kind store owner said he has a whole box of patterns he will pull out for me! So after the collector's fair next weekend I'm expecting to come home with more patterns than I'll know what to do with! 

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