Jun 30, 2011

70's Sewing Adventure

I previously have stated I'm not the biggest fan of 70's style for me. Other people can pull it off brilliantly but only certain things work for me. I'm hoping this dress does!

One can never have too many dresses, in my opinion. A friend of mine was doing spring cleaning a couple of months ago and her mom came across some old patterns. And they thought of me! Thanks, especially to Meghan! This is my first venture into vintage patterns. As in the real ones that use the measurements from that time period.
This one is from the 70's, specifically McCall's 3562 from 1973. I'm making style A but with the B length. It's almost finished, just hand sewing left to do. As the pattern is too big for me, I have to do some alterations and I've never had to do that before. Confusion! This pattern is just full of firsts! I don't think the dress will end up looking too 70's and that's fine. Could be the fabric I chose, those flowers are so cute and tiny, couldn't pass it up!

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