Jun 20, 2011

Hearty Egg Adventures

Lunch time! Though I suppose this can be eaten at any meal. Let's be honest, eggs are good at any time of day. What's that you say? High cholesterol? Well, no one said eat it every single meal. Eggs are good for you! No, not just the egg whites but the whole thing. I say that but I do enjoy my egg whites...sometimes.

Poached Egg Half-Sandwich
2 eggs
Parsley or Coriander
English Muffin
Lemon Pepper or Regular Pepper and Salt

1. Toast the English Muffin.
2. Cut tomatoes and your choice of parsley or coriander.
3.  Poach the eggs. I'm still mastering the art of poaching but due to watching the movie Julie and Julia, I looked up Julia Child's method of poaching. It seems to work the best, after all it is Julia Child.
4. Put it all together and garnish with pepper and salt.

I think alfalfa sprouts or lettuce would work as well as coriander and such, I didn't have any. Lemon or other sauces would add new flavors but for this meal I wanted it to be quick and filling while getting in bit of different food groups. I love poached eggs, especially with hollandaise sauce, but mostly because it's so healthy! No butter or oil or anything like that needed to cook it. I need a better name for this dish. Any suggestions?

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