Jun 30, 2011

Shopping Euphoria

Is this what you feel like when shopping? You said yes, of course. Oh, on sale days mostly, completely right you are! Randomly stumbled on this picture and I thought this is it! This is how a good shopping day feels and should feel when you've gotten exactly what you wanted/needed (yes, you did need that dress and those shoes even though you have one in your closet already) for the best deals ever! Let's face it, we are not all millionaires that can spend money on $1500 shoes. And also why would we? I love shoes, clothes, etc. but why not express myself through my style on pieces that are affordable or that I can make myself? I won't break the bank to shop but when I score great deals I'd love to strike those poses to show my success!

PS. This was supposed to be posted yesterday and blogger was down! Sorry!

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