Jun 27, 2011

Under the Sea Adventures

The long awaited Little Mermaid Ride at California Adventures, Disneyland is open! I was extremely lucky to get to ride it before it officially opened!

 What is this pose? I'm a little kid apparently.

Not a very good picture but this is one of the cranes holding back the weeping willow curtain. Because of that part in the movie I've always loved weeping willow trees.

Shirt, Jeans, Flats, Necklace: American Eagle
Ring & Bracelet: H&M
Flower Headband: Self made

So I know this post is a couple weeks late in coming, but I finally got around to it. I was so excited to go on the ride and spend time at Disney I felt like going casual and comfortable with a little bit of an under the sea twist, hence the blue and seashell necklace.
The ride was so much fun! The intricate details, that only Disney makes sure to add in, left me in awe. From the seashells embedded in the floor to seaweed inspired light fixtures there is so much to look at in line alone. Once you get to the ride it is a submersion under water to the musical and colorful world of Ariel. It takes the classic rides like Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Snow White to the next level with the expressive eyes and movement of the characters. I loved it and made sure to ride it several times that day!
If you have a chance go check it out!


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  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Christian!!