Jul 29, 2011

Pink Stripes Adventure

Shirt: Hollister
Skirt, Sunglasses, Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: American Eagle
Belt: Modcloth

Can't remember what I was doing this day but probably running around using a day off to catch up. Too bad the stripes didn't pick up well in the pictures but I really do like a pink and green combo. Perhaps it has to do with my love of watermelon. Mmm if I weren't so full I'd go have a piece. Moderation is key everyone. (That's a note to self). Also I'm wearing the skirt backwards. There is a tie in the front that looked funny poking out of the belt, solution turn it around. Such a rebel.
So July flew by. While that's good because best friend comes back to hang out with (plus all my other traveling friends) it's bad because soon comes fall clothes. And shockingly I'm not ready! I have been loving just throwing on dresses and going outside. That all goes to say that coming soon (in August I can't bring myself to do it sooner) is fall shopping tips and wardrobe ideas! With that I'm off to work, in a very likely all night shoot. Hello, deliriousness! We are fast becoming the best of friends.

Jul 27, 2011

Comedy Night Adventure

Dress, Scarf, Belt, Bracelet, Cluth: H&M
Shoes: LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohls
Necklace: Nordstrom

Let's start by saying I got that cute clutch on sale for $5!! Let's all be happy for a moment. Every time I use it, it makes me happy. $5 well spent! Now on to the rest of it. How to spice up a LBD (little black dress)? Throw a scarf and belt it. I was thoroughly pleased with this outfit not to mention the night overall. Went to see a hilarious friend of mine in her debut at the Comedy Store! How was she? Marvelous of course! I missed her second performance because of work, sad. Thanks to my dear friend Lexi for taking these pictures! Loved her strategic placement in a cleverly but confusingly decorated bathroom. Perhaps it might be just me who got confused but upon entering I almost went in the direction of the mirror (the one behind me). Believe me it is a lot more convincing as the room that holds the toilets than where it actually was. Then again, maybe they do that on purpose, to create comedic moments/nose prints on the mirror. It is the Comedy Store after all.

Jul 22, 2011

Inspiration Quote

If there is no occasion for being elegant,
we owe it to ourselves to make one,
because the world needs 
beauty and refinement.
-Giorgio Armani

Jul 20, 2011

Nostalgic Adventures

Dress (as a skirt) & Shirt: H&M
Flats: Jessica Simpson

Feeling a bit nostalgic for a peaceful, fun, and cool day at Disneyland. I have a couple weeks yet to wait (I can do it). I don't need long vacations when I can have a day at Disney, it's my quick way of recharging. I love the completely different settings you can find yourself in. The pictures above: a pretty lake with flowers for a peaceful break and the ones below: a little corner of vintage history stuff while shopping.
I'm off to a very busy last half of the week. I had no semblance of a weekend last weekend and looks like this is shaping up to the same thing. Long days of work, followed by a close friend's wedding (Congrats Nicole!), and then Sunday more work (I'm secretly excited for that one but can't share yet). So we'll see what outfits/pictures I can sneak in time for. How's your weekend looking? Probably fantastic!

 Gas lamp!
I'll take those shoes, thank you.

Jul 18, 2011

Hot Hot Heat Adventures

Tank Top & Flats: American Eagle
Sports Bra: Target
Skirt: H&M
Flower: Self-made

After a nice cool week, temperatures are on the rise again and having to work outside means breezy clothes. This one did its job. Since I normally gravitate towards a blue and white combo, I thought I'd throw in a pop of color. It just so happened that the color matched my nails, perfect! Love the burnout pattern on the back to, unexpected details are brilliant. I'll admit, before starting this blog, I might not have put this outfit together, but I'm so glad I did.

Sorry, dear readers, for the last week of no posts. I'd like to say I was on vacation in Ireland or Rome or Hawaii, but no. It was just a crazy week of work and very little sleep! Yay! I'll try and be more on top of it this week. And now off to see Harry Potter! Finally!

Jul 11, 2011

Forget Me Not Adventure

Dress: Target
Purse & Bracelet (Dark Brown): H&M
Belt: Hand-me-down from my mom
Bracelet (Raffia): Self-made
Shoes: LC by Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
Nails: I'm Wired, Sephora by OPI

I love this dress! The blue flowers look so pretty against the black, not to mention it's super comfortable. A must when I'm heading out to a fitting for work. Again it was so hot so minimal jewelry and my hair had to up! The weather is making me get creative with my hair, thank goodness for YouTube. It's also another reason I have long hair, I'd get bored with just a ponytail everyday and because I like having to add an extra 10 minutes sometimes to getting ready. I'll get faster...hopefully!

USA Women's Amazing Soccer!

Let's take a fashion break. All great modern girls are well-rounded girls. We dress up one day and go play aggressive, competitive sports the next. What's that you say? You do it all in one day? Best ever! So let's talk Women's World Cup!

pictures from newobserver.com

I grew up playing soccer (among a myriad of other sports) and was lucky enough to go to the Women's World Cup when it was here in LA. I remember being so excited that I could watch Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, and Joy Fawcett practice and play. They were so good! And little girl version of me was inspired by their hard work and talent. Older version of me is just as impressed with this year's squad!

These women came back from playing 1 man down (11 is the number per team on the field) for over 30 minutes, ridiculously bad calls from the referee, and a Brazilian team doing their best to cheat all to win the quarterfinals! (No I'm not on the team and therefore I do not have to be polite. The talented Brazil team unfortunately started using the dramatic fake falls that their counterparts on the men's side do, frustration!) All the odds against the US women and they fought and overcame it! They showed the strength and determination that defines American spirit. I'm so excited to see the next game! Even if you don't follow soccer or have no clue about it please support our girls! Watch the game on Wednesday where we face France in the semifinals. Soccer is great game and this team is exciting to watch. Go USA!

Jul 10, 2011

Castle Adventure

Shirt, Shorts, Hat, Scarf: H&M
Sandals: American Eagle (whew! almost an entire outfit of H&M, I have to shop at new stores! The deals are just too good)

Well, I saved some Disneyland outfits from a month ago. Why stash them? My pass is on a block out for this month and part of next and I knew I'd be wanting to go, so instead pictures! Sunset by my favorite castle makes me happy. How girly of me, but I can't help it. Sunset colors go so well with the castle, waters, and music. Le sigh! Oh well, I'll be back soon enough.

On another note, I'm going to have to figure out what fashion stuff to give you lovely readers on days I'm on set for one of my jobs. I don't choose my outfits those days so anyone have suggestions on what they'd like to see? More movie fashion reviews? Shopping suggestions? I have some DIY lined up but I will eventually run out...

Jul 7, 2011

Summer Party Adventure

Dress: Self-made
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Nordstrom
Necklace: American Eagle
Flower: Self-made

This is from the last weekend of June. Got to get all dressed up for the bridal shower of my very good friend Nicole! Since making this dress I've wanted to wear it, literally, all the time. I can't get enough of it! The pattern can be seen in this Sewing Adventures post. I also seem to get a lot of random compliments from people when wearing the dress, bonus! Being the film wardrobe person I am, I also won the traditional toilet paper wedding dress contest. Always the best to celebrate any of my friends' happiness!
(Picture from Breanna, thanks!)

Jul 6, 2011

Haute Couture Inspiration

Time for some fashion inspiration. Couture shows are usually not practical for every day where. Although if that's your style, great! So let's get ideas...

Jean Paul Gaultier
 Feathers! I hope this trend does not fade any time soon, there is so much to be done with this. Inspiration: Assortment of brighter colors is muted by the sheer black. For those that may not be that comfortable with brights.

 These can definitely work for a night out. Inspiration: The richness and texture of the fabrics/accents give drama and style to a simple draped design. Loud colors and patterns are not necessary to make a statement.

 This blazer has a vintage fitted feel to it. Inspiration: The bow at the neck gives great embellishment to a simple outfit and can easily be done with a scarf.

Giambattista Valli
Inspiration: Coral! This is a fantastic shade of pink coral.

Elie Saab

 Love the sleeves of this!

 All of these dresses have flattering shapes and colors. Beautiful! Inspiration: Layering of light fabrics. Even though the blues are dark the dresses have an airy quality because of the layering. This also can great movement in the dresses.

Georges Hobeika

Pockets! I always love pockets in a dress!
I want this one!
Gorgeous dresses! Inspiration: pretty much everything about them. These are all wear-able and beautiful.

Iris Van Herpen

Pretty sure I would never wear these. Also, I would probably fall.

Christian Dior
Doesn't this dress just say "let's go to a party and throw confetti!"?
I could see this in Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria in Magic Flute.
Next year's Fourth of July look haha
Inspiration: Mermaid!
(Pictures from fashion.telegraph.co.uk)

The last two, Iris Van Herpen and Christian Dior, are reminders to have fun with fashion! Be creative and try new combinations, new looks that isn't your "norm." Inspiration can come from anywhere. Fashion is about expression and if you want to look like an icicle queen one day and a mermaid the next, then do it. All it takes is to wear your choices with confidence! Just have fun with it!