Jul 6, 2011

Haute Couture Inspiration

Time for some fashion inspiration. Couture shows are usually not practical for every day where. Although if that's your style, great! So let's get ideas...

Jean Paul Gaultier
 Feathers! I hope this trend does not fade any time soon, there is so much to be done with this. Inspiration: Assortment of brighter colors is muted by the sheer black. For those that may not be that comfortable with brights.

 These can definitely work for a night out. Inspiration: The richness and texture of the fabrics/accents give drama and style to a simple draped design. Loud colors and patterns are not necessary to make a statement.

 This blazer has a vintage fitted feel to it. Inspiration: The bow at the neck gives great embellishment to a simple outfit and can easily be done with a scarf.

Giambattista Valli
Inspiration: Coral! This is a fantastic shade of pink coral.

Elie Saab

 Love the sleeves of this!

 All of these dresses have flattering shapes and colors. Beautiful! Inspiration: Layering of light fabrics. Even though the blues are dark the dresses have an airy quality because of the layering. This also can great movement in the dresses.

Georges Hobeika

Pockets! I always love pockets in a dress!
I want this one!
Gorgeous dresses! Inspiration: pretty much everything about them. These are all wear-able and beautiful.

Iris Van Herpen

Pretty sure I would never wear these. Also, I would probably fall.

Christian Dior
Doesn't this dress just say "let's go to a party and throw confetti!"?
I could see this in Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria in Magic Flute.
Next year's Fourth of July look haha
Inspiration: Mermaid!
(Pictures from fashion.telegraph.co.uk)

The last two, Iris Van Herpen and Christian Dior, are reminders to have fun with fashion! Be creative and try new combinations, new looks that isn't your "norm." Inspiration can come from anywhere. Fashion is about expression and if you want to look like an icicle queen one day and a mermaid the next, then do it. All it takes is to wear your choices with confidence! Just have fun with it! 

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