Jul 18, 2011

Hot Hot Heat Adventures

Tank Top & Flats: American Eagle
Sports Bra: Target
Skirt: H&M
Flower: Self-made

After a nice cool week, temperatures are on the rise again and having to work outside means breezy clothes. This one did its job. Since I normally gravitate towards a blue and white combo, I thought I'd throw in a pop of color. It just so happened that the color matched my nails, perfect! Love the burnout pattern on the back to, unexpected details are brilliant. I'll admit, before starting this blog, I might not have put this outfit together, but I'm so glad I did.

Sorry, dear readers, for the last week of no posts. I'd like to say I was on vacation in Ireland or Rome or Hawaii, but no. It was just a crazy week of work and very little sleep! Yay! I'll try and be more on top of it this week. And now off to see Harry Potter! Finally!


  1. The outfit looks so cute and comfy! Plus your hair is adorable! great look