Jul 20, 2011

Nostalgic Adventures

Dress (as a skirt) & Shirt: H&M
Flats: Jessica Simpson

Feeling a bit nostalgic for a peaceful, fun, and cool day at Disneyland. I have a couple weeks yet to wait (I can do it). I don't need long vacations when I can have a day at Disney, it's my quick way of recharging. I love the completely different settings you can find yourself in. The pictures above: a pretty lake with flowers for a peaceful break and the ones below: a little corner of vintage history stuff while shopping.
I'm off to a very busy last half of the week. I had no semblance of a weekend last weekend and looks like this is shaping up to the same thing. Long days of work, followed by a close friend's wedding (Congrats Nicole!), and then Sunday more work (I'm secretly excited for that one but can't share yet). So we'll see what outfits/pictures I can sneak in time for. How's your weekend looking? Probably fantastic!

 Gas lamp!
I'll take those shoes, thank you.

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