Jul 29, 2011

Pink Stripes Adventure

Shirt: Hollister
Skirt, Sunglasses, Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: American Eagle
Belt: Modcloth

Can't remember what I was doing this day but probably running around using a day off to catch up. Too bad the stripes didn't pick up well in the pictures but I really do like a pink and green combo. Perhaps it has to do with my love of watermelon. Mmm if I weren't so full I'd go have a piece. Moderation is key everyone. (That's a note to self). Also I'm wearing the skirt backwards. There is a tie in the front that looked funny poking out of the belt, solution turn it around. Such a rebel.
So July flew by. While that's good because best friend comes back to hang out with (plus all my other traveling friends) it's bad because soon comes fall clothes. And shockingly I'm not ready! I have been loving just throwing on dresses and going outside. That all goes to say that coming soon (in August I can't bring myself to do it sooner) is fall shopping tips and wardrobe ideas! With that I'm off to work, in a very likely all night shoot. Hello, deliriousness! We are fast becoming the best of friends.

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