Jul 5, 2011

Red, White, & Blue Adventures

Shirt: LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Shorts & Sandals: American Eagle
Swimsuit: Victoria Secret
Belt: from an old pair of shorts (from 9th grade I think), maybe Nordstrom

All right, it's hot here. Oh, and humid. Wait, what?! Yes, humidity, loads of it, more than we usually have. Therefore for 4th of July I wanted something that would be breezy and not so sticky. Thank you dear seersucker shorts! Plus they have a bit of a nautical feel. I don't own many red things mostly because I'm extremely picky when it comes to reds. Orange reds do not work with me. So the belt and ribbon is my dash of red to fulfill my patriotic outfit. (Note to self: shop for more red things). I've had this belt forever and it's wonderful to know I can still fit into things from high school. You love that feeling too, I know.
Like the true California girl I am, when it's hot, I feel the best with my bikini under my clothes. So much more comfortable than the traditional bra. Plus one never knows when one must go swimming. Must be leftover from when I lived by the beach but it really makes a difference. Try it, it's truly delightful! It's my stay-cool-tip-for-when-there-is-no-air-conditioning.

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