Jul 11, 2011

USA Women's Amazing Soccer!

Let's take a fashion break. All great modern girls are well-rounded girls. We dress up one day and go play aggressive, competitive sports the next. What's that you say? You do it all in one day? Best ever! So let's talk Women's World Cup!

pictures from newobserver.com

I grew up playing soccer (among a myriad of other sports) and was lucky enough to go to the Women's World Cup when it was here in LA. I remember being so excited that I could watch Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, and Joy Fawcett practice and play. They were so good! And little girl version of me was inspired by their hard work and talent. Older version of me is just as impressed with this year's squad!

These women came back from playing 1 man down (11 is the number per team on the field) for over 30 minutes, ridiculously bad calls from the referee, and a Brazilian team doing their best to cheat all to win the quarterfinals! (No I'm not on the team and therefore I do not have to be polite. The talented Brazil team unfortunately started using the dramatic fake falls that their counterparts on the men's side do, frustration!) All the odds against the US women and they fought and overcame it! They showed the strength and determination that defines American spirit. I'm so excited to see the next game! Even if you don't follow soccer or have no clue about it please support our girls! Watch the game on Wednesday where we face France in the semifinals. Soccer is great game and this team is exciting to watch. Go USA!

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