Jul 1, 2011

Without Love

Without Love from 1945 stars Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Lucille Ball. I always love watching anything with Katharine Hepburn but had no idea she ever worked with Lucille Ball. So when I saw this on TCM I promptly added it to the DVR so I could watch later. I think they it was playing at like 2 in the morning. Thank you DVR!
The basic story is Tracy's character is a scientist who is through with love after one relationship left him soured on the whole thing. Hepburn's character had a wonderful loving marriage that ended in the death of her husband and she is done with love. The two agree to marry as friends with no love interfering. 

 Couldn't find a full length picture of this dress but it was so pretty and sparkly and I don't normally go for sparkly

Hepburn and Tracy, always classic. But this film is not one that most people think of or have seen of the two of them. I liked it! Yes, it was sweet as 1945 films can be but it was filled with humor. Lucy Ball was great as a fast paced business woman of the time with sharp suits and big clutches. (I wouldn't mind her wardrobe) Couldn't find pictures of those either. I definitely think this is a film that should be appreciated! Especially when one needs some light-hearted humor.

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