Aug 30, 2011

Breezy Heat Adventure

Shirt: LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohls
Skirt: Jones New York Sport (awhile ago)
Flats: American Eagle
Pink Bracelet and Belt: Forever 21
Blue Bracelet: H&M
Soundtrack: Somehow by Joss Stone

This outfit was from before our into the 100 degree heat wave. It was probably like 98 but I loved this look. Since I know I love the blue and white color combo I threw in some new little colors and was comfortable. Long skirts seem to make breezes a bit more fun and that helps when the heat is making its presence so wonderfully known. The hair has to be up in heat for me and a loose high bun is the best for getting it up but not being to heavy.
I have to tell you that having 107 and 109 highs here this weekend made me want to not go anywhere and so I lived in my bikini and a tank top and shorts. Yesterday was work and picking up the best friend from the airport (hence no post) and more heat. For some reason the heat makes me not want to take pictures. Perhaps its the whole having to move thing.

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