Aug 24, 2011

Milkmaid Braid and Flowers Adventure

Dress, belt, bracelets: H&M
Lucky you necklace and sandals: American Eagle
Nail Polish: Revlon in Femme Petale and Sally Hansen in Fuschia Shock Crackle

This was a running around to meet with friends, then shop for the costumes for the film, then meet for a tapas dinner later day. Whew, busy! But that's the norm, not the tapas part. I recommend squid cooked in it's own ink, so tasty! It's a lovely, heavy on the garlic, meal (one of my favorites, I must like to repel people from me). So it is recommended to have before any vampire battles you might undertake and not for any dates (unless of course the date is awful, then by all means dive in!)

Tried milkmaid braids for the first time, but by the time these pictures were taken it had been a busy day so they were a little unkempt. For some reason I think those braids might show better in blond hair. I'm just relieved they didn't pop out of my head like the thick rope that it looked like the first time I tried it. I took those out right away, they were a bit scary. Don't want to double repel people from me. Garlic is sufficient.

The best part is my cute dinosaur egg nails! I've finally had a chance to do crackle/shatter/whatever nails. I went with a light pink under and the fuscia on top. They remind me of dinosaur eggs. Only my eggs were pink and as soon as they were nice and ripe, little cute pink crackled dinosaurs would pop out! I would name them all and they would follow me around and be cute and cuddly like Norbert the dragon was for Hagrid. Note to self, find miniature cute dinosaur to be my adorable pet.

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