Aug 25, 2011

Shall We Go Shopping?

For the latest installment of potential shopping let's take a look at the Mad Men collection from Banana Republic. While I haven't yet watched the show (I know, shocker! I will eventually) you know my love of 60's fashion. So of course I will have loads of fun just trying these on. On to my favorite looks!
 Most favorite I think. Of course it is, it happens to be one of the pricier dresses at $150.

 Statement jacket you can't go wrong with-$175

 Comfort and chic, perfect-$89.50

 I adore this color and the bow

Ladylike, without having to try-$130

All right I'll admit I'm not going to spend that much on any of these. Have to keep my priorities straight. But I wish I could. I'm also hoping they go on sale eventually but that too might be wishful thinking. But 60's fashion as inspiration is, most, of the time a great basis. So for those of you who are jumping in your cars and driving straight to the store, cheers! And for those of you like me, we'll just have to get creative in finding these type of looks. Cheers for us too!

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