Sep 9, 2011

Fall Trend Craving

I had a little time at the mall yesterday while running around getting stuff done for the job and had fun looking at the fall color palette in all the stores. Veronika from Girl and Closet commented that she is feeling inspired by the burnt oranges, burgundy reds, and rich browns. I'm so excited that you can rock those colors Veronika! They don't work well on me at all and I saw so many cute clothes in those colors. Hopefully you'll have some fun shopping ahead for you.
So now we know what some of the popular colors for fall are going to be, let's look at some style trends!
Here are some that I am loving:
Plaid/Tweed Blazers-this one is H&M, there is another tweed one there that I will be going back to get.

Colorful Belts

I actually got this blazer! I will be happy when I can finally wear it, it's far too hot for that right now. I might die/pass out. And colorful belts? One can never have enough I say. Well, maybe but for right now I don't have enough. I'll keep updating with some trends and of course we'll look at NYFW (New York Fashion Week), after this weekend.

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