Sep 29, 2011

London Fashion Week

Before we completely immerse ourselves in fall goodness let's jump ahead to spring fashion for a bit. Let's be honest the weather still isn't really completely fall yet in most places. I'm literally writing this with the fan on me. That could also be because I was just running around my room packing. More on that after fashion:

Jaeger London
Structured while still feeling breezy.

 Like the look, not the mustard. But it is a perfect outfit.
 My favorite!

 I should try this messy, just got out of bed look. And I want this skirt!


I loved all these looks and couldn't choose just one as my favorite. Refreshing colors!
I'm packing for a huge four days of filming. Day shoots and night shoots. So it's a matter of packing cute but comfortable clothes that don't wrinkle as there is every chance I will only have 2 hours of sleep to catch in my car. So we'll see how this turns out. So you must excuse if whatever outfit posts come next week look a little crazy.

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