Sep 5, 2011

Musical Monday

We all know that some Monday's drag. Sometimes some Monday's are not naturally happy and energetic. While most are not that bad let's start each week off on a good note (see what I did there, haha note, music. Verrry witty) but seriously we'll start the week off with some good music. For today, we have Queen!
These Are the Days of Our Lives
The Show Must Go On

Since it's the first Musical Monday post I'm going to be extra thorough and do two songs. These both explain exactly what I need right now. My life is so insanely busy with more than I can get done it seems. So Queen so kindly will get me through the week by keeping me upbeat and reminding me to enjoy it all because it's great. And the show must go on, no matter what! I will make it work. Let's be honest, we all love Monday off for Labor Day. Hope these can refresh your week! Happy Labor Day!

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