Oct 31, 2011

Halloween Musical Monday

Happy Halloween! How about some Nightmare Before Christmas. But wait! Sung instead by the All-American Rejects and Marilyn Manson.

Oct 28, 2011

Plumeria Love

One of the things I love to be greeted by when I come home is the fresh smell of plumerias.

There is something so refreshing about them that no matter what type of day I've had, I smell those and I'm home and relaxed. Lately, they haven't been as pungent, which means that soon they won't flower for the winter. I'm going to miss them, one of my favorite things about summer. Though, I probably wouldn't take a lot of time to smell them in the winter, since I'm generally freezing and try to get as quickly as I can from the car to the house. But then there is always hot chocolate and hot cider. Mmmm.

PS. I'm having technical difficulties with getting my pictures into my computer so more outfit posts soon! I hope...

Oct 26, 2011

Teal Adventure

 Dress: Forever 21
Bracelets and Headband: H&M
Ring: Icing
Necklace: Modcloth
Shoes: American Eagle
Soundtrack: Scotty by Daniella Mason

This was from a couple of weeks ago but I didn't have time to adjust some of the pictures since it was super bright outside. I wore this to church and then straight to set for filming. That day we were at a gym and as is typical with me I couldn't resist playing. Got in a little setting (volleyball) practice with a basketball, some soccer moves as well, and all in a dress and espadrilles. And I love the sleeves in this dress, even though almost every time, I stick my arms through the wrong hole and have to redo it completely to get in the right one. Thought I'd leave you with some fun pumpkin pictures from Disneyland.

PS. I may or may not have been in such a rush when I took the outfit pictures that I captured the handle of the tripod. Lovely.

Oct 24, 2011

Musical Monday

Though most people have probably seen this I can't help but share. The video made me smile. I'm on my last week of filming the indie film and plan on celebrating this weekend with football and Halloween. But until that time I'm starting my week off right with Coldplay. Enjoy!

Paradise by Coldplay

Oct 19, 2011

Gypsy Adventure

Skirt-Gift from Best Friend's Closet/Boutique
Shirt and Bracelet-H&M
Shoes-Jessica Simpson via Macy's

These pictures were from a couple weeks ago, oops! Where the sun was bright (overexposure on pictures) and the day was pretty warm. The skirt, when I claimed it, had a huge hole in it. But I sewed it up, very proud of myself as it was a difficult hole and fabric, and now good as new! The skirt has great movement so it basically begs to be swished around and twirled in. I'm writing this super early in the morning before work and now it is very tempting to wear this skirt today. But I won't since today is another blood day and I don't want fake blood stains on that skirt. Because let's be honest, the probability of me getting blood on it is very high. Accidents do happen frequently in my life...just a little bit!

Oct 18, 2011

Muppet Goodness

Second Muppet trailer, dear readers, let's get excited! Only one more month...

Oct 17, 2011

Musical Monday

Happy Monday. Time for a musical interlude. As we are coming closer to Halloween (come any closer to finding a costume? I haven't) let's enjoy some singing skeletons...
Remains of the Day-Tim Burton, song from Corpse Bride

Oct 14, 2011

Night Out Adventure

 This is what happens at 3 in the morning and your best friend says do a funny pose or something.
Shirt-Best friend's closet/boutique
Leggings and bracelets-H&M
Shoes-DSW via Best friend's closet/boutique
Soundtrack: Weird Science by Oingo Boingo

Anyone confused by the "shops" I got my clothes for the night from? Ok, here is the story. I was filming all day and Best Friend invited me to go out after. Normally I'm exhausted and practical and for too many reasons to get into I was fed up with it. It's been months since I've done anything remotely fun like going out at night. Work has consumed me and I said no more! However, I was not prepared in the fashion department. So I went shopping in Best Friend's closet. Fun! Using my leggings and jewelry (magically I'd packed blue jewelry) we enhanced it all with stuff she had. The shirt's arms technically aren't supposed to worn like that but I like it so much better. Verdict? One of the cutest and still comfortable outfits especially for having been thrown together in 5 minutes and then running out the door.

PS. Thanks to Best Friend for taking the pictures even though we were exhausted at 3 in the morning!

Oct 13, 2011

Tricky Weather Adventure

Blazer, Shoes-H&M
Tank top- LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Shorts-American Eagle
Necklace-Forever 21
Soundtrack: No Mozart by Natasha Bedingfield

This was my I'm-starting-the-weekend-of-filming-on-a-creative-fashion-note outfit from last weekend. Mostly because I know by the time the end of the weekend comes around I might feel lazy after crazy 13 hour days and who knows if I'll look put together then. All right, in all honesty, I will. I'm not wired any other way. Turned out to work well since the weather started out cool, made it's way to hot, and then back to cool. I ended up hardly wearing the blazer most of the day, which is too bad because I was excited to. But there is all the rest of the fall and winter to wear it.
P.S. Just when I thought it was cooling off and I could switch out my summer and spring wardrobe for fall and winter the temperature goes back into the 90's. Nice.
P.P.S. It's my 100th post! Whoa! Thanks, lovelies, for reading and following!!

Oct 11, 2011

Disneyland Safari Adventure

 Shirt, Tank top, Shorts, Necklace, Shoes-American Eagle (no I didn't plan an all brand day)

Ahhhh, that's the huge sigh of happiness I breathed yesterday when at Disneyland. I actually forgot about work and all the other logistics that go with it and just laughed and played. Mostly that's because I did my work before I went, but that's besides the point. On the tram home I checked email and there was nothing pressing at all waiting for me and it was a good reminder that no matter what, life goes on. Easy to live in an "on-set" bubble but I have to remember there is more. Oh Disney perspective!

Halloween Disney of course means amazing carved pumpkins! Along with pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and fall decorations everywhere, revamped rides...the list just goes on. I felt a bit safari with my shorts and the shirt/jacket, which I thought amusing and fun (and made sure to go on Jungle Cruise in the spirit of things). It did get colder at night and so I threw on a scarf and definitely enjoyed that hot coffee at night. And so now pictures!

 In keeping with fashion-Edna Mode!

Oct 10, 2011

Musical Monday

Somebody I Used to Know-Goyte with Kimbra

Came across this song by chance a couple weeks ago because of Kimbra. Never fails to make me move to the beat and is extremely fun to sing to while driving everywhere to work. I'm off for a small mini day at Disneyland. Thank goodness, I need it! Hope you're having a great beginning of the week! Enjoy...

Oct 7, 2011

Relaxed Adventure

Dress, Bracelet, Headband: H&M
Scarf: American Eagle
Boots: Kohl's
Soundtrack: Radioactive-Marina & the Diamonds 

I'm looking a bit wrinkly in this from loads of time in the car driving from place to place. Oh well, one can't be perfect all the time I suppose. But one can be comfortable and still look put together, clever. But let's talk hair. Dear readers, if I could recommend something for everyone to try (except those with pixi cuts, sorry guys) it would be braids! They are extremely deceiving. They look hard but really are extremely simple and inspiration is everywhere. Runways, history, everyday people on the streets, and best of all YouTube! Need to know how to do a braid? YouTube has so many tutorials. I suppose I could do some if you guys wanted as well, just let me know! Happy weekend everyone! I shall be filming all weekend no rest for the weary but that's ok. Let's see if I catch some pictures instead of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...I doubt it.

Oct 5, 2011

Fall Plaid Adventure

Skirt-Forever 21
Shoes-Jessica Simpson
Song: Leave Me Out of It-The Feeling

It was a semi-warm day for this outfit, unlike the cold rain we are having. I love the rain! This outfit was the great combo of comfort while looking put-together for a day of running around. While it easily goes with heels with all day on my feet and a choice I vote flats. Though I did go pick up two pairs of shoes that needed to be repaired so they can re-enter my wardrobe yay! It's like getting new shoes! Oh, and if you think you see a blood stained hand, you are right. Whaaaat? No, not real blood, you vampires! The on-set fake blood stuff that I had to use and didn't have time to find gloves for. Ooops! That is definitely a note to self for next time.