Oct 19, 2011

Gypsy Adventure

Skirt-Gift from Best Friend's Closet/Boutique
Shirt and Bracelet-H&M
Shoes-Jessica Simpson via Macy's

These pictures were from a couple weeks ago, oops! Where the sun was bright (overexposure on pictures) and the day was pretty warm. The skirt, when I claimed it, had a huge hole in it. But I sewed it up, very proud of myself as it was a difficult hole and fabric, and now good as new! The skirt has great movement so it basically begs to be swished around and twirled in. I'm writing this super early in the morning before work and now it is very tempting to wear this skirt today. But I won't since today is another blood day and I don't want fake blood stains on that skirt. Because let's be honest, the probability of me getting blood on it is very high. Accidents do happen frequently in my life...just a little bit!

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