Oct 7, 2011

Relaxed Adventure

Dress, Bracelet, Headband: H&M
Scarf: American Eagle
Boots: Kohl's
Soundtrack: Radioactive-Marina & the Diamonds 

I'm looking a bit wrinkly in this from loads of time in the car driving from place to place. Oh well, one can't be perfect all the time I suppose. But one can be comfortable and still look put together, clever. But let's talk hair. Dear readers, if I could recommend something for everyone to try (except those with pixi cuts, sorry guys) it would be braids! They are extremely deceiving. They look hard but really are extremely simple and inspiration is everywhere. Runways, history, everyday people on the streets, and best of all YouTube! Need to know how to do a braid? YouTube has so many tutorials. I suppose I could do some if you guys wanted as well, just let me know! Happy weekend everyone! I shall be filming all weekend no rest for the weary but that's ok. Let's see if I catch some pictures instead of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...I doubt it.

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