Nov 2, 2011

Halloween Adventure

Skirt-Best Friend's Closet Boutique
Pink Crinoline Skirt-Sidecoast
Shoes-Gift from Best Friend via Jessica Simpson
Nails- Shopping Frenzy by Sephora OPI and Inc Splatter by Sally Hansen

Best Friend-Matching Italy Mask
Bestie-Stepford Wife (complete with a robot panel on her neck, genius!)

Yay Halloween! I hope your Halloween was loads of fun! Ours was. It included taking a long time to get ready (which we know is always the best), dancing, and parties with great friends. And having some of my closest friends in my group made it the best! Thanks girls!

So the story behind the mask: Best friend got us these authentic masquerade masks in Italy this summer. So of course we decided promptly that it was perfect for Halloween. Being the costumer that I am, I was in charge of finding us the best costumes. Costumer that I am, there was not one thing good enough for our masks and as I barely had time to sleep in the past 2 months I couldn't make anything. So the masks will get a second run next year with historical costumes. So excited! This year we were Modern Masqueraders. Side Note: when deciding what to call ourselves and coming up with the word masqueraders it made me think of Indiana Jones. Why? Because of Raiders of the Last Arc. Oh, rhyming. Also, I think I'm bringing back crinoline skirts. It was endless delight that night, especially when dancing.

Bestie, as a Stepford wife, was so pretty and then added that pop of Halloween gory fun. That's the way to do it! The good thing about taking pictures before you go out is that it shows you details you may have missed. Like adding more black makeup and remember to take the curl out of it's bobby pin. And, by the way, the black makeup was so entertaining and it didn't rub off! I may or may not have spent some time that morning watching some YouTube about Elphaba from Wicked. And I may or may not have decided that I think I can do the green makeup now and should be Elphaba one year.


  1. What a great night!! I always have SO MUCH FUN when I hang with Christi and her lovely friends!! AND... whenever I'm together with Christi, I try and soak up her fantastic fashion sense too!! Love you girl, love this blog!