Dec 16, 2011

Gift Ideas

We are getting so close to Christmas, it's exciting! And then, the realization, wait a minute, I haven't gotten even half way through the list of gifts to get. Oh panic! Wait, I don't panic, how silly! If you are like me, you like to give carefully thought out gifts that you know will be loved. This takes timing, research, and creativity. So how about a store that most people may not automatically think of (you know Target or Nordstrom or something like that)? How about Bass Pro Shops? They have so much for those outdoorsy types on your list and those who aren't. Added bonus, the wonderful decorations make it fun.
 A wonderful fireplace greeted me when I entered
 Real fish in there
He kind of looked like he was encouraging me to buy something.
There are clothes, shoes, food, fishing gear, so many options! And I may or may not have checked off a couple gifts off my list there.

Cowl Neck Sweater Dress
Plaid Flannel Shirt

Have fun!

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