Dec 20, 2011

Relaxed Shopping Adventure

Shirt/Jacket-American Eagle
Shirt, Leggings, Purse-H&M
Belt-gift (long time ago)
Headband-Forever 21
Nails-Rimmel in Gold Silk and Sally Hansen Shatter in Fuchsia Shock
Soundtrack-My awesome Pandora Christmas station that I'm slowly but surely honing into perfection. But specifically: Jingle Bells-Michael Buble with the Puppini Sisters

My title might lead you to think I meant Christmas shopping this week. But fooled you! It's from Black Friday weekend. I know, I know, ages ago. Technical difficulties. I say weekend because, yes, I wore this two days in a row. In my defense the second day was only half a day so it doesn't count, fully. I needed something comfortable, creative, and easy for me to try on clothes with. The best part, though, while shopping and trying to avoid this little girl around 10 and focus on my shopping, she looked up at me and out of nowhere tells me "I really like your shirt!" She gave me a huge smile and ran off. If that's not a one of the best seals of approval, I don't know what it is.

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