Dec 1, 2011

Windy Devastation

Well, dear readers, I have power! No, not absolute power, electrical power. Since 2 this morning it's been gone. For those of you in California, you might have seen the news about wind storms, if you're not, well there have been massive windstorms! Winds were around 60 miles per hour (probably more) all night. Oh my goodness the plant life devastation! I even had to cancel work because it was too dangerous to drive and trees had fallen along my route. So that's all to say no fashion today! I spent the day trying to conserve the battery on phone and cleaning up outside. Found so many plants that were not from either the front or back yards. Whew! Batting down the hatches for another night of high speed winds and probably no power tomorrow. Yay!
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P.S. Of course this is how graceful I look in the wind! 

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