Jan 31, 2012

Black & White Fair Isle Adventure

Sweater-Express (old, old)
Jeans-American Eagle
Hair-Side braid into a side bun
Soundtrack-My Heart Takes Over by The Saturdays

While our winter here has decided to be slightly warmer than normal, it still has some very cold spells. This was one of them. However, I over-estimated how cold it would be that night. This outfit really did keep me warm. A little too warm with all the walking around and going in and out of heated buildings at Disneyland. But I loved the way this combination came out and it's better to be warm than be freezing any day. Next outfit will be a remix with the jacket on a much colder night!

Jan 30, 2012

How Much?!

Quick little note, dear readers. Since I'm preparing for my film's premier this article is perfectly timed. Goodness, it's pricey for me but then I read how much things cost for celebrities red carpet appearances. But then again, while my costs are much smaller I'm not being sponsored. Hmmm...
Go on over and read how much things cost :) How Much It Costs to Send a Celebrity Down the Red Carpet

Music Monday

This one is a great combo. Two fantastic voices covering The Script? Can't go wrong. Thanks to my sister (hi Mai!) I caught the end of the Glee contest show and discovered these two very talented guys. So enjoy and Happy Monday!
If You Ever Come Back-Cameron/Damian

Jan 25, 2012

Exciting News!

I have the privilege of announcing that a film I was blessed to be a part of is going to be screened at the Pan African Film Festival this February! Dear readers, I'm so excited! This film has consumed my life as co-writer, assistant director, and costume designer and I'm so happy to get to share it with you! Presenting the film 5 Minutes!
Here is the trailer:

I will be writing more about it soon, just wanted to quickly write this before work today. If you can't wait for me to post more check out these links for more info:

Facebook-Kingdom Vision Films

IMDB-5 Minutes

Pan African Film Festival

Jan 24, 2012

Charles Dickens Adventure

Dress-American Eagle (old)
Sweater-Nordstrom (old)
Tights & Boots-Target (old)
Soundtrack-Get Happy by the Puppini Sisters

Meant to write about this earlier as it was so much fun! I went to a Charles Dickens festival two weekends ago in Riverside. Not only did it make me want to dress up in Victorian stuff but it also made me want to read more Dickens. Nice. Went with this outfit as it's one of my favorites. An updated feminine with a the pocket watch as a necklace as nod to the past.
The festival has a ball at night but I had to babysit for a friend so I couldn't go. But I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I'm sorely tempted to sew up a costume, learn the dances, and go next year. Now it wasn't just Victorian but some steampunk attendees were there as well. It's all fascinating and I have to see how I can work it into my fashion, without going overboard, of course.


 I think I really like fascinators. If only I had someplace to where them to...
These are actual real vintage sewing machine. Here's the kicker: they work! If I had a spare $200 I would have gotten one. I did get to try one and it was surprising easier to work then I thought.

 They had a demonstration of the Gatling gun. It was terrifyingly cool! Extremely loud though. Wonder if soldiers wore earplugs constantly. Note to self to look that up.
The Queen!

Jan 23, 2012

Music Monday

Hi dear readers! Sorry for the absence last week. I was filming most of the week far away (such a long drive) in a place with no reception. While I thoroughly enjoyed not being tied to my phone like normal, sleep took precedence over blogging. Oh practicality. But let's start this wonderful rainy week off right! You all know my love of Disneyland by this point, right?
Good Life by One Republic

Happy Monday everyone!

Jan 17, 2012

Downtown Adventure

Sweater-Nordstrom (old)
Shoes-Target (last year)
Clutch-Sephora (old) gift
Necklace-Gift (old)
Nail Polish- Wocka Wocka by OPI and Silver Shatter by OPI
Soundtrack-Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia

After a long 13 hour day on set last Friday, I wrapped with enough time for me to make a much needed dinner with friends. I did a quick (well maybe not so quick, I had some time) change in the car and then did my makeup. I have found my car to be a wonderful little boudoir. So after making sure I looked presentable it was out for a night on the town. I always like downtown LA at night (well during the day too). It was a night of excellent food and drinks and fun with friends!

P.S. Thanks Chris for being my photographer!

Jan 16, 2012

Music Monday

Stumbled across this last week, but as it was a special Monday, this song had to wait. I've already featured  this fantastic song on a previous Music Monday. This is a cover of it but geniusly done with 5 people all playing just one guitar. We all know that there are loads of covers out there of any given song so it takes a lot for me stop and notice. Enjoy!

Jan 13, 2012

Winter Warmth Adventure

Blazer: LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Scarf & Bracelets: H&M
Tank top & Skirt: American Eagle
Boots: Target
Soundtrack: Old Hag by the Corrs

It is unusually warm here around Los Angeles. But not consistently warm. It gets cold quickly. I loved this outfit so much I wore it 2 days in a row! Maybe it's the skirt or, well, I don't know, love all of it! Have to say that I have been stalking this skirt, waiting for it to go on sale. Then when it did I got sad when I couldn't find my side. But sister to the rescue! She found it and now every time I see it, it makes me happy! As does Irish music (from my soundtrack selection for the day)! Someday, I will go there.

Jan 12, 2012

Let's Shop

Well, I'm in trouble. Looked at the new Jason Wu line for Target and ummm, I want a good deal of it. This might be the first line that I have to make sure I get something from! Let's take a look, shall we?

All pictures via Fabsugar

So I love all these looks but my absolute favorites are the blue dress and black coat at the end and the flowered blue dress in the beginning. But it is difficult to choose. Must make a note to get these (hopefully before they sell out).

Jan 11, 2012

Riding Theme Adventure

 Blazer, Turtleneck, Purse-H&M
Pants-American Eagle


This was for a glorious night of movies with the fam and dinner with a friend. I went to see War Horse and in honor of it, I went with a horse riding outfit. I felt that at any minute my wonderful horse (which I don't have) would come to pick me up and we'd ride into the night. LOVED the movie by the way. It was absolutely stunning cinematography and moving. Went home for a short time then Meghan and I went for Tapas. That is her hand showing how good our calamari, shrimp in garlic and butter (which we had already devoured), and (our favorite) squid cooked in its own ink were. All these pictures are an extremely full and happy Christi. Thanks Meghan for being photographer!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my sis! She insisted I mention how great she is...

Jan 10, 2012

Jane Austen Heroines

I read this wonderful post about Jane Austen heroines and figuring out which one you are. Some of you are thinking "oooh! I must read that!" while the others are thinking "what? how silly...I wonder what it says I would be, even though it would be wrong." Just give in and go have fun with it. Don't read below until you go and do it first!

Ok, yes, you just kept reading; couldn't help it, I know. As for me, while I have most of the qualities of Elizabeth Bennet I don't always let them show consistently. According to the post I am Emma Woodhouse. Not going to lie, I like it! Who were you? Let's discuss in the comments...

Jan 9, 2012

Birthday Music Monday

Yes, it's my birthday! And what am I going to do for it? Work. It is a Monday after all. While my birthday celebrations are generally a month long, sometimes more, (not every one can be on the same schedule) Monday is a near impossible day to do full celebrating. So I'll save it for later (more excuses to get dressed up) And now birthday song! I figure most people think is this is overplayed, blah, blah. But I can't get enough of it! Plus it's always a good reminder...
Firework by Katy Perry

Jan 6, 2012

Forgetful Adventure

Shirt & Pants-American Eagle
Sweater-The Limited
Ring-Claire's (I think? It's super old so I can't remember)
Soundtrack-Free My Mind by Katie Herzig

So for those of you getting to know me, I have the worst memory. My close friends and the fam know this. And if they don't it's because they have a bad memory too. Definitely a problem. I try to remember to eat blueberries but it doesn't always happen (and now everyone knows blueberries are good for memory...on most people) This last fall season of non-stop filming and no sleep probably did not help the matter. That all goes to say, I can't really remember what I did the day I wore this. But as it is functional I'm sure I was doing something active and threw in the heeled boots as an "oh right, I'm fashionable" touch. Wonderful! I do remember, though, that I saw this tree and thought oh look it comes with it's own ornaments! Pretty!

Ah bright skies and beautiful nature!

Jan 4, 2012

Movie Fashion Inspiration

We all have films that we love and films that inspired us, even at a young age. I'm going to be, every now and then, adding some more historical fashion that we can gather inspiration from today. I started this awhile ago but didn't have time to keep it up. Film for today is Amadeus.

Amadeus was done in 1984 and stars Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham, and Elizabeth Berridge and is about Mozart, as you probably know. It is a classic. Well told and great sets and costumes!

All pictures via Periodmoviecaps

I always loved this film, even when I was little. (Though I found out later there were parts to the film I never knew existed as it wasn't appropriate for little eyes, surprise!) Not only did the story and acting draw me in but those wigs and big dresses! I would have loved to be in those when I was little. While I still would love to the thing I take away from it is sometimes it's ok to make a fashion statement. One needs not pile all of the statements on at the same time (unless that's your thing, good for you). I usually am more subtle but sometimes I need to remember to switch it up and be bold! (or ostentatious but probably not that)