Jan 24, 2012

Charles Dickens Adventure

Dress-American Eagle (old)
Sweater-Nordstrom (old)
Tights & Boots-Target (old)
Soundtrack-Get Happy by the Puppini Sisters

Meant to write about this earlier as it was so much fun! I went to a Charles Dickens festival two weekends ago in Riverside. Not only did it make me want to dress up in Victorian stuff but it also made me want to read more Dickens. Nice. Went with this outfit as it's one of my favorites. An updated feminine with a the pocket watch as a necklace as nod to the past.
The festival has a ball at night but I had to babysit for a friend so I couldn't go. But I'd be lying if I didn't mention that I'm sorely tempted to sew up a costume, learn the dances, and go next year. Now it wasn't just Victorian but some steampunk attendees were there as well. It's all fascinating and I have to see how I can work it into my fashion, without going overboard, of course.


 I think I really like fascinators. If only I had someplace to where them to...
These are actual real vintage sewing machine. Here's the kicker: they work! If I had a spare $200 I would have gotten one. I did get to try one and it was surprising easier to work then I thought.

 They had a demonstration of the Gatling gun. It was terrifyingly cool! Extremely loud though. Wonder if soldiers wore earplugs constantly. Note to self to look that up.
The Queen!

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