Jan 6, 2012

Forgetful Adventure

Shirt & Pants-American Eagle
Sweater-The Limited
Ring-Claire's (I think? It's super old so I can't remember)
Soundtrack-Free My Mind by Katie Herzig

So for those of you getting to know me, I have the worst memory. My close friends and the fam know this. And if they don't it's because they have a bad memory too. Definitely a problem. I try to remember to eat blueberries but it doesn't always happen (and now everyone knows blueberries are good for memory...on most people) This last fall season of non-stop filming and no sleep probably did not help the matter. That all goes to say, I can't really remember what I did the day I wore this. But as it is functional I'm sure I was doing something active and threw in the heeled boots as an "oh right, I'm fashionable" touch. Wonderful! I do remember, though, that I saw this tree and thought oh look it comes with it's own ornaments! Pretty!

Ah bright skies and beautiful nature!

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