Jan 10, 2012

Jane Austen Heroines

I read this wonderful post about Jane Austen heroines and figuring out which one you are. Some of you are thinking "oooh! I must read that!" while the others are thinking "what? how silly...I wonder what it says I would be, even though it would be wrong." Just give in and go have fun with it. Don't read below until you go and do it first!

Ok, yes, you just kept reading; couldn't help it, I know. As for me, while I have most of the qualities of Elizabeth Bennet I don't always let them show consistently. According to the post I am Emma Woodhouse. Not going to lie, I like it! Who were you? Let's discuss in the comments...


  1. I think I'm an Elinor Dashwood, with a dash of Lizzie.