Jan 4, 2012

Movie Fashion Inspiration

We all have films that we love and films that inspired us, even at a young age. I'm going to be, every now and then, adding some more historical fashion that we can gather inspiration from today. I started this awhile ago but didn't have time to keep it up. Film for today is Amadeus.

Amadeus was done in 1984 and stars Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham, and Elizabeth Berridge and is about Mozart, as you probably know. It is a classic. Well told and great sets and costumes!

All pictures via Periodmoviecaps

I always loved this film, even when I was little. (Though I found out later there were parts to the film I never knew existed as it wasn't appropriate for little eyes, surprise!) Not only did the story and acting draw me in but those wigs and big dresses! I would have loved to be in those when I was little. While I still would love to the thing I take away from it is sometimes it's ok to make a fashion statement. One needs not pile all of the statements on at the same time (unless that's your thing, good for you). I usually am more subtle but sometimes I need to remember to switch it up and be bold! (or ostentatious but probably not that)

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