Feb 16, 2012

Premier Adventure

 This is my "such a happy, proud, and exciting night that I can't help it" huge smile and there's a wild curl there

Took these at the end of the night so my hair had fallen out a bit

Shoes-Christian Siriano for Payless
Bracelet, Ring, Clutch-H&M
Necklace-American Eagle
Nail Polish-And a Cherry on Top by OPI for Sephora
Soundtrack-Kiss the Stars by Pixie Lott

Well, dear readers, here it is (and it's going to be a long one)! Premier night was last Friday and I'm finally getting some pictures together.
First, let's note that I've never, ever, had any problems with packages not being on time. The first time I need it to come on time, it came 2 days late. I literally got the dresses 3 hours before I had to leave! (Ahhh panicked, just a bit) Think I surprised the mailman when I opened the door just as he was getting the packages.
The initial dress I chose for the premier was almost 2 sizes too big! Oops. This was actually my backup and I ended up loving it more than my other choice. I wanted the dress, heels, and clutch to take center stage so I went with complimentary jewelry, nothing big. Had so much fun doing makeup and hair.
Getting to see the final full length picture was incredible and even better was the audience reaction! People really enjoyed and loved it. That's all I could hope for.
We have one more showing this Monday the 20th if anyone would like to see it (who's in the area of course). It's at 7:40 pm, Baldwin Hills Rave Theatre, Los Angeles. Come on down, I'd love to meet you!

 About to walk the red carpet...
 The theatre
 Red carpet
 Question and answer time with the director and my co-writer Roman Michaels


  1. Congrats on the movie Christi! That's so exciting :) love what you're wearing..hope all is well!

    1. Thanks so much Megan! Glad you like the outfit too :) Hope you're doing well!

  2. You're welcome! You inspired me to blog, so I'm gonna try it out haha

    1. Ooh fun! I feel honored to inspire you to blog (also slightly silly since I'm sure it was all your inspiration and not really having to do with me, because you are fantastic!) You'll have to let me know what it is so I can go read it :)