Feb 29, 2012

Stripes and Warmth Adventure

Jacket-Five Fifty Five (gift)
Sweater-Banana Republic (gift)
Jeggings-American Eagle
Shoes-Uggs (gift)
Scarf-Cost Plus World Market
Nails-And a Cherry On Top by Sephora for OPI
Soundtrack-Hakuna Matata from Disney's The Lion King

This was a cold day at Disneyland and I just needed to be warm. I went with casual for that. I know that for some in the fashion world there is this whole "ew, Uggs" sentiment. I do not adhere to that. I love and very much appreciate them. The warmth and comfort they give is so worth it. Especially warmth! I can't tell you how many times I've been filming on some location in very cold and windy weather and they have made all the difference (saved my life really). 
Today I'm at One More Day at Disneyland. Yes, I'm going to Disneyland for 24 hours! I can promise you that my outfit will be similar to this, all for comfort and warmth, as it's going to be quite cold. Thank goodness for scheduling posts! And that is why it is a Hakuna Matata song day.

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