Feb 24, 2012

Sweater and Flowers Adventure

Sweater, Skirt, Tank top (which you can barely see)-American Eagle
Belt & Ring-H&M

I know I just said in the last post that I'm trying to enjoy the rest of winter but I'm starting to catch a whiff of spring. So I'm going to keep one foot in winter and the other in spring. Best of both worlds. Also, I kind of have to because the weather switches from really cold one day to mild weather with cold mornings and nights the next day.
This outfit works so well for those nice days when I'm enjoying the weather and the day when suddenly I'm freezing and realize it's because the sun has gone done, or hidden behind something (hills, clouds, trees...there is a such a long list of things that receive an annoyed look from me when I'm cold). The necklace makes me happy as do most things that I make. I was also excited to finally do the knee sock with boots trend. I just had to wait 'til I found socks I liked that were on sale for like $4. Done and done.
I'm filming a short film this weekend, so now relaxing down time for me. But I hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend!

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