Feb 2, 2012

Warm and Silly Adventure

 Jacket-Five Fifty Five (Gift)
Shirt-Forever 21 (old)
Turtleneck & Scarf-H&M (old)
Jeggings-American Eagle (old)
Boots-Target (old)

Ok, dear readers, what is a good guideline to go by when it is so cold and you wear your big-but-cuddly-down-snow jacket out? Keep the bottom half slim. A girl has got to stay warm but no need to look any more bulky than one has to. While this is not my favorite outfit it worked for a half-day with my siblings at Disneyland.
Now for some sillyness...

 This is my look when someone walks through the shot, completely oblivious to some picture taking

 My brother photo bombing. He's rather good at it unfortunately...
 This is what happens when I go to get coffee and realize I have left my camera with my brothers and sister
Sly creeping...or a game of Where's the brother? (Where's Waldo but harder because he's not in stripes) Just missing one more sister (hi Mai!) for complete shenanigans!


  1. I love the jeggings! Hah the photos of your brothers are so funny. Reminds me of my own brother.

    1. Thanks, Kate! Oh brothers, I love them! :) Also, I have to tell you that I'm so excited you came to visit my little blog...Thanks for making my day!